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​Whatever level of trading you are at, if you need advice, training, education and or support from an industry-proven and trusted expert who is a fully licensed, registered, qualified, experienced, completely independent and unbiased Professional Stock Market Advisor and Analyst, then contact David Hunt today to see how Adest can serve you and decide for yourself what feels right for you.

You CAN Learn To Trade Like The Professionals

My mission is to help you in the markets at whatever level of trading you are at.

Level 1 Curious

Maybe you just want to find out what the Stock Market is all about, how it works and how to get started trading shares. It’s all a mystery to you!

Level 2 Beginner

Perhaps you’ve recently started trading in the Stock Market, ASX and or World Equities and you are just trying to acquire, develop and learn new trading skills.

Level 3 SMSF Self-Managed Super Fund Managers and Investors

You might have been investing and trading in The Stock Market, ASX, World Equities, Futures, Commodities and Foreign Exchange for some time now but want to build on and improve your knowledge, trading skills and strategies.

Level 4 Traders and Professional Advisors, Brokers, Fund Managers and Financial Planners

Advanced? Maybe you are and experienced or active Trader, Investor or Professional Advisor, Broker, Fund Manager or Finalcial Planner who trades and or manages shares in The Stock Market, ASX, CFDS, World Equities, Futures, Commodities or Foreign Exchange. You either want or need fast access to reliable, up to date information, analysis and forecasts on the spot as the market unfolds.

Annual Stock Markets Forecast

Hear and see the reasons why David predicts what things will happen, or will not happen, in the markets as he closely monitors and reports on market trends and the latest national, international, corporate and political developments that may or may not affect the markets, shares or indices you are interested in.

How can David Hunt Help YOU?


Professional Stock Market Advisors, Planners, Brokers, Investors, Traders, and Self-Managed Super Funds all Benefit from David Hunt’s Market Advice Collectively.


Profit Hunters Group

Profit Hunters Group Join David Hunts’ Elite Profit Hunters Group, a dedicated members group for active Traders and Professional Brokers, Advisors, Fund Managers and Financial Planners.


Traders Green Room

Private One on One Coaching by David Hunt. This is an Elite Service for Sophisticated Traders and Investors and Professional Advisors, Funds Managers and Brokers only and is not suitable for everyone.



Advisor To The Advisors

Market Strategist, Advisor, Teacher, Author of ‘The Australian Shares Report” and Australia’s Top Market Timer, (who the ‘Financial Review called “The Bell Ringer”).

David Hunt holds the hands of investors, traders, self-managed super fund owners, brokers, advisors and professional fund managers helping them thrive and prosper in both rising and falling markets.

David regularly makes very public calls as much as six months or more in advance, and calls the market the way he sees it, without favour, fear or bias. The media has given David a few different names

| “Advisor To The Advisors” Mens Living Magazine
| “The Bell Ringer” The Australian Financial Review 
| “Guru” Profit Hunters Group Members
| “Big Call Merchant” Foxtel Sky Business News TV 

He draws on his natural gifts and insights as well as from the wealth of knowledge and industry experience acquired in an impressive career spanning over 35+ yrs.

David Hunt reads the charts with lightning speed, uncanny clarity and remarkable accuracy.


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