To better serve you… May I ask you a few questions?
Are you looking for opportunities, forecasts and advice in ASX shares, commodities, forex, or world stock markets as an investor, advisor, SMSF owner or trader?

If not, I may not be for you. But, if you are interested in shares, forex, commodities or world stock markets then have you…

  • Seen me on The Business Channel Your Money Your Call TV Program?
  • Read my Share Market Predictions in the Australian Financial Review (AFR)
  • Enjoyed my Stock Market Forecasts in Smart Investor Magazine?
  • Watched me on Switzer?
  • Attended one of my Lectures at the Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association (APTA)?
  • Heard me give strategies and outlooks for the US Stock Market and Commodities on the Traders Network Live on CLEAR CHANNEL – KFXR/1190-AM – in DALLAS Texas and
  • Maybe you even heard me call live to sell short Gold at 1792 on the 28 February 2012 or call the Stock Market Bottom on Your Money Your Call Sky Business on October 4 2011.
  • Met me live at one of my Annual Market ASX Shares Forecasts for the Australian Technical Analysts Association(ATAA) since 1994 and Trading & Investing Expo?

Or did a friend refer you here?

Or were you just googling for stuff and landed here?

If you just landed here then you don’t know me – so I should tell you a little bit more about me – if you don’t like me – I am good with that – then make your decision, each to their own.

Unlike many advisors, market educators, economists and the like who come from a back ground in sales, I come from a back ground since 1982 (30 years now) of being at the coal face for

  • Corporate Treasuries Qantas AUSSAT CIG
    (I was not quite the JP Morgan London Whale (he got si big he blew up) but the banks feted me in the forex markets for the currency and bond trading business I did)
  • Funds Management managing over $4.5 billion worth of assets
  • Bank Proprietary Trading with Macquarie Bank
  • trading and investing for my self, I still hold the product of the first bank shares I bought in 1981!
  • helping traders and investors get the right methods, software and skills for them.
  • And since 2009 providing advice, forecasts, strategies and market calls for my Profit Hunters Group in ASX Shares, Forex currencies, Commodities and Futures, and World Stocks and Indices.

At the Oil and Gas Symposium, they said of me “David Hunt is Australia’s ASX Top Market Timer”

Australian Men’s Living Magazine said “David Hunt is The Advisor to the Advisors” in the Australian Share Market.

What Do I Do?

I help people just like you navigate through the Ups and downs of the financial markets so you have a better chance at

  • growing your Super SMSF or ASX Share Portfolio,
  • making money from share trading,
  • position sizing yourself wisely in the forex and commodities markets,
  • staying head of the crowd in the Dow, Nasdaq EMini S&Ps FTSE, DAX

I do this through the Profit Hunters Group

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Why Do I Do What I Do? – My Why..

In 1985 I was introduced by a Corporate Forex Dealer for a major international bank (actually he was awarded BRW Forex Dealer of the Year twice) to an old lady who was known as a Technical Analyst. She taught me how to “chart the market” and set me on the purpose of my life.

Once I learned about charts I changed from being a Fundamental Economist (UNSW) to using technical analysis, charting techniques, cycles analysis in combination with my background in Economics and Finance.

You see my Fundamental work was good with rear vision hindsight in understanding where things had been – but it was never good at picking turning points and market timing.

Over the years I have honed my skills at market timing and asset allocation. What this means is very useful for investors and Self Managed SuperAnnuation Funds (SMSFs)

Did you know that academic studies have discovered that 92% of the variability of returns in Funds are explained by Asset Allocation ie the timing of shifting money into and out of Cash, Shares and Property?

What that means is stock selection is worth 8% of the variability of ASX Share returns! Try telling that to most stock brokers and advisers and they will hate you for life!

What that really means is you can make most of your money by getting your timing and asset allocation correct ie the big picture…..

So, if you are an Investor, run your own Self Managed Super Fund or a long term trader you can use my Bronze Profit Hunter Group Membership to change your allocations and Time the Market better.

My other big why are my two boys James and Lindsey. James is a rower who made the School Boys National Championships (their smaller school with a smaller crew came 3rd behind the schools who traditionally win – very proud Dad!). Making sure they have their best education, life and my support possible is a big why for me.

My other big why is in memory of my late brother Peter, a true angel who never complained during his short life, supporting the charities, organizations and events that made his life better is near and dear to my heart, so they can support the kids who are similarly disadvantaged and have shorter life expectancy than other kids.

If you would like to sample what I do – and I advise you to do so before you even talk to about joining the Profit Hunter Group then attend one of my live evening Profit Hunter Group Webinars or FREE EDUCATIONAL Webinars where you can ask questions on the markets you are interested in.

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ASX Forecasts by David Hunt

David Hunt

PS In order to maintain the integrity of the group (and David’s sanity from answering too many questions) Gold Membership is by application and interview with David Hunt directly.
Gold Membership is for qualified active investors, fund managers, stock brokers,professional traders and financial planners. There is a currently a waiting list for Gold Membership of the Profit Hunter Group. To get your application call 1.300.552.182

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