David Hunt also advisors Grain Growers Farmers and Grain Companies
on Grain Commodities Hedging and Price Forecasts

“ZW Wheat December
Thanks for you help with the swaps. Worked out well. Made an extra $60 000 on the cash contract.
Now we are coming into harvest (Nov/Dec) and there is plenty of wheat around.
Your pre-emption on Janet’s leanings played out on Friday.
Thank you”

“Your forecasting of the XJO ASX 200 has been exceptional and
is helping so much setting my monthly positions…

Keep up the great work…

Adelaide South Australia
June 17 2016

“In the markets David Hunt is a lot like the Muhammed Ali of stocks. He sits and wiats and strikes when the time optimal. You Ali was a genius the best fighter a master strategist. David Hunt is up there with him.”

-Rocco Crea VIC 29/1/16

“Macquarie Group MQG.asx LONG ST

now how did you know, it was only yesterday you were stating it going down,???
obviously, have to give credit to that crystal ball that you have in possession.”

-KP Melbourne 29 Jan 2016




David Hunt’s Unique Capability and what he does better than most people


I recently had to answer some questions for an assignment so I asked several of my Profit Hunters Group members if they could help me to answer the following two questions.

Question 1. What do you see as my Unique Capability?

Question 2. What do I do naturally better than most people?


In the words of my clients, whose names have been withheld for the purpose of professional privacy, here are some of their replies.


  • David


I answer these questions in regard only as you the assessor of
markets/stocks/comm. etc. and as the person who then shows how to trade
these markets/stocks/comm. etc.
Not as you the person, the human being, etc.

1. What do you see as my Unique Capability?
Confidence. You back your wealth of knowledge and if everyone disagrees it
does not affect your view. Courage. Being right or wrong doesn’t matter to you as you work in the world of probabilities and you know inside out everything about probabilities.
Your knowledge of the markets is unique.
The speed at which you can see things in the markets is mind blowing, very unique.

2. What do I do naturally better than most people?
Your webinars of a morning give more information for people who want to
trade, want to learn how to trade, than all the books ever written. You have
taken all the books and said this is what they really mean in the actual
market place.
What you do naturally better than most people is that you are at all times
natural, you are you, uncomplicated with no one to impress. Your acceptance
of yourself is also very unique and refreshing.



  • Hey Davo, happy to help out mate.

  1. Your unique ability is to be able to read the share market charts and indices so well and in any area and be eerily correct most of the times.

I haven’t seen one better than you mate.


  1. What you do better than most people…is communicate to us like you are the guy next door, no crap, a bit of swearing (like that, lol) and tell it in very easy and understandable terms for the normal lay person.

That will cost you a beer! lol


  • Hi DH


  1. Unique Capability is from my observation – being ‘authentically you’ expressing the many different aspects of your personality in a way that demonstrates both humility and confidence at the same time – you come across as an ‘open book’ which engenders trust and stability.


  1. Naturally better? Technical analysis of a wide range of markets with cohesive and succinct explanations of how to take advantage of opportunities.1 and 2 could be swapped around!Hope this helps.



  • Hi David, 


 I think your unique capability is to assess the mood of the market for opportunities. 


The mood will be reflected in share price movements and patterns.


Risk management, position sizing and stop losses are also valuable tools you use.


Thanks for asking me this question. 


Kind regards 



  • Hello David

I do have the answers.


  1. Your unique capability is that you don’t lead a person up the garden path.
  2. You don’t come across as an Australian Okra Analyst, commentator as a majority of them on TV do, you are more refined with your words and of course you have more knowledge as you have the experience, which a young person cannot achieve, regardless of how much they have trained and it would only be a stupid person who would disagree with the above.


Hope that helps you, I would however, like to remain anonymous.  Hope that helps.


Have a lovely day.




  • Hello DavidI can only answer your questions as a PHG member, as I don’t know you personally.  Other PHG members may be able to provide wider answers.Unique Capability:
    Something that you or few others do…  PHG wise, it is put specific answers on the questions asked; i.e. in the speed webinars, you put targets, stop losses on 3 time frames.  We get answers.  If you get it wrong, then there’s at least a stop loss in place to protect our capital.  Too often we hear from “others” we should accumulate with a 12 month price target of $x.xx.  Which is nice to hear when the stock is $1 and in 12 months it will be at $2, but not when the share price is going down at a fast rate.2.  Naturally Better than most people:
    You make people want to listen to what you have to say.
    It’s not just the topic at hand (shares and as a member of the audience, we can probably make money from what you say) or that we’ve paid to be PHG members, but there is a tone and delivery of the topic that you give in webinars that makes me want to listen.  In particular the ADX and Moving Average educational webinars that you ran last year and before.  I still have copies of the webinars on my computer that I listen to every now and then when I have something that I’m unclear on.
    I’ve been to enough presentations that have bored me senseless, sometimes paying good money to only wonder what else is happening in the world.Hopefully this will be useful to you.RegardsR


  • Hi DavidIn my view:To interpret market patterns and movement through a very particular way of blending observation of the objective measures (ADI, W%R, MACD, Vol etc) with extensive experience of applying more subjective overlay (Elliott Wave, Gann etc).2. Ignore and not fret about what you believe to be irrelevant to your analyses ie market noise.Hope this helps




  • Hi David,


Pleasure to help.


  1. Your unique capability is the ability to be natural, detached but fully involved with the market and being totally real. You call things as they are and I personally really love that quality about you. I feel safe and comfortable working in this environment. When I say detached, I mean not ego centred and as a result objective. I also like getting an insight in how things work…bullshit and all. I really like hearing all the bits and pieces as they form a jigsaw over time which gives me an insight into the world of markets.


  1. The second question is answered by you doing what I have mentioned really well


Hope that helps. If you wish me to elaborate on anything else let me know.


Have a good night.




  • It would be an honour to do that for you.


  1. I believe that your style of communication to the attendees within the PHG group is tailored to suit the listening audience expectations. You encourage that they firstly have an understanding of how chartist views respective indices and the reason for your evaluation of a specific stock.  Effective communication during each webinar and the feedback supports this.   One or two of your capabilities are more critical in when achieving outcomes during webinars.  For example, working relationships and communication is fundamental in getting the best result in providing clarity at the completion of each mornings’ discussion points prior to closing of at the end of each webinar.
  2. You encourage debate to ensure understanding of all issues and implications the stock market. And how you cannot guarantee the movement of the stock market at any point in time.  Charting is an information based analysis and it provides the attendees with entry, exit, profit/loss stops.  This is where you provide attendees with confidence to proceed with their sell/buy orders.  You call it how it is.  You do not force your evaluations as the only research they should do prior to placing a buy/sell order.  Objectives of each member is different therefore you provide clear direction without forcing your evaluation as a one model fits all.


If you think I have made this up, it is not.  I do not know you personally, I have only had two direct conversations with you, the remainder has been on an electronic basis.  These are my views only.




  • Hi DavidOK, I will have a shot at it – hopefully it’s directed in the right
    context1) Unique Capability: To provide strong views and firm direction to others
    based on experience & data despite often being contrary to mainstream
    views/commentary.2) Naturally Better: Speak your mind without fear or favour.Cheers



  • Hi David,
  1. You have the unique capability to look at a chart and be able to tell the upside and downside targets. This capability will help clients to make decisions by weighting the potential risk versus potential rewards.
  2. You voice your opinion naturally and openly without fear.



  • Hi David,

From a Coaching Client……..

It is surprising that my opinion is sought after by my coach.

My response is:

  1. What do you see as my Unique Capability?

You assess the trading knowledge of the student and discuss the strength & weakness & goal.

 The market the student intends to trade and the pros & cons of that market.

Face to face coaching & one to one. It is not a classroom training course (with many students at the same time).

It is not a one-off session. The face to face coaching is repeated to assess the improvement of the student, with emphasis on fine tuning.

Patience to explain the system with constant repetition until it is understood.

  1. What you do naturally better than most people.

You do not start from the very beginning, with the impression that the student is learning how to trade for the first time. Starting from the knowledge of the student, you coach the student to improve his knowledge.

Together with the student, you analysis charts systemically to seek for entries, stops & targets, using common indicators used by professional traders.

Friendly approach & on-going assistance.

Weekly homework with different aspect to enhance the knowledge.

You do not provide a one weekend wonder course. In fact, you guide the student for a few months with regular webinars.

I think that would be sufficient for a brief description.

Kind regards


  • David

Just a few issues to consider

  1. Excellent at what you do backed up by a range of comprehensive training and experience.

Accommodate many different personalities.

Though I have always found you entertaining (and possibly eccentric at times) you remain focussed on the job at hand.

Celebrate members’ success and strive for their improvement.

Talk clearly and honestly to explain according to others needs even if it is not what they want to hear.

2 Apply analysis and probabilities honestly as you think despite the possible criticism of others, media commentary, other brokers and company reports.

Admit you are wrong so able to change strategy quickly.

Seem to be available and responsive often and many webinars etc.


  • David

That’s actually tougher than I first thought it’d be, but I had a crack at

#1  Unique Capability – to rationally assess a market in under 2-3 minutes using TA / Charting,  sometimes with uncanny accuracy.  (lol .. and sometimes while eating breakfast – no no no – don’t tell coach that !)

#2  Not sure I can offer anything on this, sorta feels like a subtle variation of Q#1

Hope that is some limited help.



  • Hi David,


Some very good questions, hope I can help.

  • I think you have more than one unique capability:

You provide advice without any bias,

You call it (markets, equities etc) as it is,

You have a very in-depth and expert understanding of all markets and how they      operate and interconnect, both technically and fundamentally.


2)  As well as your expertise, I have always liked your friendliness and willingness to help others. By comparison, a lot in the industry are often trying to only push their own barrel (so to speak).


  • Hi David,

Thanks for the easy questions!!

  1. The speed and accuracy with which you see and interpret trends in global markets, indices, stocks, commodities etc.
  2. You back your judgment and don’t follow the crowd. If it goes the wrong way your speed in exiting and moving on.



  • Hi David,


               OK, I will have a shot at it – hopefully it’s directed in the right context:


1) Unique Capability: To provide strong views and firm direction to others based on experience & data despite often being contrary to mainstream views/commentary.


               2) Naturally Better: Speak your mind without fear or favour.





  • Hi DavidI see your Unique Capability being able to objectively look at market behaviour without being influenced by the “herd” mentality2. What you do naturally better than most people is explain things in a way that is easy to followBest regards,

 All of the above were received in February 2015



” Hi David,

Your entry points to trade this stock (ARP.asx ARB Corp) in the past have been spot on!”


DM NSW 20 May 2014


ARP ASX Share Arb Corporation Chart

ARP ASX Share Arb Corporation Chart

23 May 2014

“Anteo ADO.ASX Long  MT LT

Howdy Big ears

Hit your ST tgt this morning of 0.235,


What is your next tgt and LT including SL please?”

cheers big ears

Mr B



“Hi David

You are out on your own in this business.

Great analysis – I am so proud of you.


It is gratifying to do something really worthwhile – otherwise those traders would


be getting killed.


I accept your invitation to Wednesday Night’s Webinar.  You


are well qualified to teach the masses.



I hope you are getting some sleep!!!




Dawn Bolton-Smith”

17 March 2014


19-03-2014 2.52



10 March 2014




27 Feb 2014



19 Feb 2014 FMG





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Many comments from members like these…


Member’s overnight USA trade in Emini



StockBroker’s question to David on August 21, 2012.


The series of trades that David identified in the US Dollar Index



–      4 May 2012, Buy Break above 79.53 with StopLoss at 79.00 and Target 81.88

–      21 May 2012, Buy at 81.05

–      Exit May 30 2012, 82.10

–      28 May 2012, Buy at 81.38 with Target raised

–      Re-entry 29 May 2012, Buy at 82.61, 82.78

–      13 June 2012, Buy Break above 81.55

–      Re-entry 28 June 2012, Buy at 83.00

–      Another Profit Exit on 29 June 2012, at 82.48

–      Last Trade (Entry 28th) Exited on 29 June 2012, at 82.48

–      Bottom line: 6 trades >> 5 Profitable Wins, 1 Loser !!



Member Comment & David Hunt’s answer



DowJones 1/5/12 High



  • Euro Trade 18/6/12.High



  • GOLD trade was advised LIVE during webinar on 21/6/12


  • Member Comment