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Warning and Disclaimer: Issued by ADEST Trading P/L, ABN 88 083 033 612.

This is general information not prepared for your specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs. Consult a licenced investment adviser before making investment decisions. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. There is a risk of loss in trading as well as potential for profit. The opinions and methods you will hear today are from Jake Bernstein. The site is based on past historic data and is about methods and education. Jake Bernstein is a private trader and has much experience in trading. You will be taught his theories and opinions on trading methods. In no way is this intended as financial advice or an invitation to trade. Jake Bernstein is a not a Licensed Financial Services Licensee and therefore does not give investment Advice. He is teaching you his trading methods and that is all. You understand that you have to do your own research once you have learned these methods on your own markets. Jake Bernstein and ADEST make no guarantee about how you will perform using these methods. Jake Bernstein is not licensed to give advice or cause you to deal in a financial product in Australia. Please do not ask him to do so. He will keep to his methods. There will be a Licensed Financial Adviser at the Seminar with whom you can consult with about trading decisions. Do not ask Jake Bernstein for his current or future market opinion or anything to do with your own circumstances.

This seminar does not take into account your individual investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs. Before making an investment or trading decision based on any methodology, the investor or trader, should decide with or without professional Advice whether trading meets your investment objective and suits you psychologically, emotionally and financially. Trading & investing in any instrument ie shares, CFDs, foreign exchange, futures, commodities, have a risk of loss that if left open by market closure or lack of proper protective stop losses could result in a loss of all of your capital or more. Traders and investors are responsible for their own decisions and outcomes. Jake Bernstein is teaching you some methods based on what he sees as good for trading. Trading in any market financial or otherwise is a highly risky exercise and is not suitable for all people. Trading may not suit you. By attending this seminar you accept responsibility for your own trading outcomes and agree to research and test any trading method you learn at the seminar before making any trading decisions or committing risk capital to the market.

IT IS YOUR DECISION TO TRADE. THESE MATERIALS ARE FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES and not an invitation to trade. You also agree to read the Product Disclosure Statements issued by your advisor, broker or market maker before trading and consult them as to the appropriateness of trading for you. You also indemnify ADEST. Jake Bernstein and their agents from any losses or consequential damage you may incur from using these methods. You will be asked to sign and indicate you understand & accept this Warning .