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TradeStation 2000i

a complete environment for designing,  testing and optimising trading systems.

Since its introduction in 1991, TradeStation has become the leading software of choice for over 30,000 traders in over 25 countries worldwide.  Considered the industry standard, and acclaimed by reviewers and users alike, TradeStation continues to win numerous prestigious awards, including Stocks & Commodities Magazine's Readers' Choice Aware for Best Trading Software for the last six years.TS4box.gif (8028 bytes)                      
The Standard in Strategy Back-Testing
and Automation Software

TradeStation 2000i offers you more power than ever before to reveal winning trading strategies - with state-of-the-art power, exclusive in-depth views of the market, a host of revolutionary charting and analysis tools, and new ease-of-use.

And now... The best system testing technology is coupled with the limitless power and reach of the Internet! You'll be able to place online trades without missing a tick on your chart, collect streaming real-time data over the Internet, and spawn Internet research sites automatically from any chart.

You'll also discover never-before-seen power for virtually every facet of your trading. The incredible power to create even complex trading systems in minutes with exclusive charting and analysis features that reveal new, potentially profitable market patterns, the most extensive measures for evaluating your system's performance, and cutting-edge monitoring and automation features. TradeStation 2000i is the most powerful tool ever developed to help you create, test and computer automate profitable trading systems!

Now works in Windows 7 Home Premium and Ultimate

Now works in
Windows Vista!! more>>


NEW! 32-Bit power is just the beginning! TradeStation 2000i's Microsoft COM architecture lets you open an Excel spreadsheet, an OptionStation® 2000i's Position Search, or even an Internet Browser - within any workspace. TradeStation now even supports multiple CPUs. Click here to see more.

NEW! No limits! TradeStation 2000i breaks through all barriers - with no limits to the size of your systems or number of bars on a chart!

NEW! ActivityBars - view market activity that's invisible to everyone else! Imagine looking "inside" every bar on a chart and seeing the points where the greatest trading volume occurred or even the ratio of buyers vs. sellers. Fully customisable ActivityBars will now reveal this and much more! Click here to see more.

NEW! SystemBuilder! Now design your own trading systems with incredible point-and-click ease, using TradeStation 2000i's remarkable new SystemBuilder, which includes over 100 pre-written entry and exit signals. Click here to see more.

NEW! Testing precision to the tick level! TradeStation 2000i's ability to look "inside" the bar now gives you the most detailed and realistic historical simulations ever seen. It's the closest thing to testing your systems in the markets - without the risk.

NEW! Unmatched reporting detail! Evaluate and refine your systems, with all-new performance reports including over 100 performance measures and 25 graphs. Click here to see more.

NEW! 30+ year HISTORYBANK.COM Financial Database on CD! US Financial Data For Strategy Back-Testing. Plus, download daily updates for 60 days from the date of purchase via HISTORYBANK.COM - absolutely free!

Seamless internet integration! See how TradeStation 2000i takes full advantage of the power and reach of the internet for all aspects of your trading.  Click here to see more.

NEW! Expanded data choices including the Internet! TradeStation 2000i is fully compatible with many different data sources. Now choose from DTN, PC Quote, PC Quote Online, BMI, Signal, Signal Online, StockEdge and InSite.

NEW! Exclusive charting and analysis features! Watch indicators change in density and colour to show any analysis technique with SmartStylingTM... plot indicators and drawing tools into the future or use historical data to forecast market action with ProbabilityMapsTM. Click here to see more.

EasyLanguageTM! This industry standard trading language created by TradeStation Technologies, Inc (formerly Omega Research, Inc) gives you the power to create and test even the most complex trading strategies without being a programmer.  Click here to see more.

Automation! Tracking Centre - you will always know when a profitable buy/sell opportunity comes up, thanks to Tracking Centre, which keeps track of all your alters, orders, and protective stops, tells you when you have reached your profit target and even tracks your open position profit and loss for you.  Click here to see more.

Quote Monitor - whether you choose to display  your quotes in fractions or decimals, TradeStation's flexible and customisable Quote Monitor will help you to keep tabs on every tick.  Click here to see more.

NEW! Expanded data choices including the Internet! OptionStation 2000i is fully compatible with many different data sources. Now choose from DTN, PC Quote, PC Quote Online (US stocks and options), BMI, E_Signal, Signal Online (US futures and options, some Euro/Asian), StockEdge and InSite.

NEW! Expanded data choices with the new Adapta2000i interface - now you can view data from  MarketCast (ASX and SFE real-time data), Reuters RT and RTW (SSL coming soon), Bloomberg.

NEW! Uses Adest Daily EOD Feed in MetaStock format or Trade Navigator CSI format data- now you can view data from 

NEW! More Expanded Choices of Data Feeds works with most EOD data providers.

Now including I-Deal Financial Group Pty Ltd,  InterActive  Brokers and Forex only US$200 extra one off)!

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Please Note Our Warning and Disclaimer: Trading involves risk, including possible loss of principal and other losses.  Your trading results may vary. TradeStation allows users to build their own indicators, ShowMe studies, and trading systems using a simple but powerful language call EasyLanguage. Once a system is created you can back test the system, and TradeStation will tell you exactly how much money you would have made or lost, had you placed actual trades using that system. "Ask Mr. EasyLangauge", published by Traders Press, is the definitive book on for anyone needing to learn Omega Research's Easy Language. Click here to order>>

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