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Gann Trading Software

GannTrader expands the horizons for you as a Trader. The software works as a share trading software and can be used as day trading. Giving you more tools, than ever before, to prize out of your favourite markets the secret jewels that Gann discovered. Gann had a team of up to 20 Analysts making Charts for him to trade. 

With your knowledge and GannTrader 's Manual and a printer you can be sure to know "What time it is" in your favourite market and any new market you fancy!!

"I have got a lot of trading programs and Gann Trader 3 is right up on the top of my list.
 I use it because it saves a lot of time and time really is money. Any one who uses Gann 
can research ideas quickly and find out what works and what doesn't.
I've also always had excellent tech backup from Peter Pich so in my experience its worth the money."


The following are some of the charts and styles you can access in GannTrader 3.0.


a. Gann's Trend Line Indicator

b. Gann's Main Trend Indicator


a. SQUARES OF 52, 90, 120, 144, 180, 360. All available with 2 keystrokes.

b. Gann's SQUARE OF NINE is included in the software & a hard copy with full
     instructions included in the manual! This alone is worth the price of the
    software. Below is a chart of the SFE SPI Contract with the Square of Nine
    Points on it.


a.  Gann his knowledge of Astrology for good reason.  He said it was 'too powerful
     for the general public'. The GannTrader 3.0 Manual includes one of Gann's
     rare writings on Astro Trading.  GannTrader 3.0 has accurately replicated how
     Gann used the planets. Below is the NasDaq with Gann's Planet to Price

For the more experienced Astro Trader, you will appreciate the use
of Declination and Right Ascension.

Gann Squaring the Circle Pi, Square roots, Fibonacci  

GannTrader  Software will greatly increase the knowledge you have of your favourite markets. It has the ability to create perfectly scaled charts that you can update by hand in the Future.

GannTrader will give you access to the opportunities in many more markets.

GannTrader will save you both Time and Money doing Hand Charts.

If you are considering full time Trading and your goal is to become a SuperTrader then you owe it to yourself to buy this software.  The price of the software is the cost of one missed trading opportunity. 

Order GannTrader now by via Secure Server (click here) or calling Sydney Australia (61) 2 8205 7470  Contact us>>


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