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Regina Meani


"Charting your way to success with ASX Shares and CFDs"

with AFR Investor Chartists Regina Meani

September 23rd 10am to 4pm

Book Before September 15 and SAVE

Benefits for You

Full 1 day Seminar - You get it all. This is not a 1 hour Sales presentation.
It is where you will learn specific and substantial skills in charting
       and Share market analysis.
Full 200 Page manual and Work Book
Taught by a Teacher rated as Good Very Good and Excellent by 94% of
      her students
Value for money as surveyed by 100% of past students as better than GOOD

Past participants have rated Regina as Excellent in Delivering Charting
     Knowledge and a true Value for Money Experience that will serve them for years
     to come.


My name is David Hunt, I am the principle of ADEST. I have been in the markets for many years and have meet and seen many very good chartists and traders.

I have been privileged to have known Regina since 1994 - when I meet her in Paris at the International Federation of Technical Analysts Conference - the world body for charting and technical analysis.

At that time she had developed a great reputation in Australia and around the world for her charting techniques and had written a book on Charting.

Over the last few months a number of ADEST's customers have told me of the winners they have had following Regina's 6 or so stocks in the Sun Herald Column each week

Now, when I go to a meeting of the Australian Chartists - the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA) I find a number of members also following her trades and making money.

Remember, this is a body for Chartists in Australia - that impressed me.

So, I thought it would be great if she taught people how she does it so they can do it for themselves on more ASX shares and different markets and in different time frames. So I have invited Regina to present a seminar for ADEST on September 23 2006.

The good thing is that Regina's seminar starts at the ground floor giving you a firm foundation and understanding. So that beginners can get started in Charting. For seasoned traders and chartists she makes sure you get back to basics.

Click the links below to find out more about this seminar that will be you on the road to Charting the ASX Share market.

Yours sincerely,
David Hunt

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Regina Meani is one of Australia's best known Chartists and Technical Analysts.

She has a regular column in Shares magazine plus every week in the Sun Herald (Investor Section) Regina provides input on current market and ASX share trends. She has many years of professional advising experience with Deustche Bank, Bain Securities and Huntleys’ Investment Services.

With over 25 years experience in analysing shares Regina is
wealth of knowledge. She is the author of the best selling
Charting, An Australian Investor’s Guide
- described as:

"what has to be the most popular introduction to charting and technical
 analysis published in Australia."
         Dymocks Book Sellers Sydney

Regina Meani is a well respected lecturer and has lectured for the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), the Securities Institute of Australia and the University of Sydney over many years.

She brings you the world of technical analysis in a straight forward and concise manner which allows investors and traders alike a very clear understanding.

This program is designed for investors, analysts, traders, and beginners. You will learn how to meet your objectives through effective charting and technical analysis, and how to drive advanced technical applications to improve your investments & trading.

What the Book Worm Says about Regina Meani

The first edition of The Australian Investor's Guide to Charting was published in 1990 and, with a revised edition and several reprints, has been in print ever since. It is probably the most widely read introduction to charting published in Australia. This new and renamed edition covers the same ground as before but has been completely updated and expanded to take into account the advances in technology that have made information more readily available to investors than ever before.

Regina Meani is one of Australia's leading and most experienced chartists. In the "1994 Institutional Market Report for Bain Securities" carried out by the Financial Products Research Group Pty Ltd, Regina was rated No. 1 by the Top Tier institutions. For the last sixteen years she has been Chief Chartist at Bain Securities, the prestigious broking and investment house.

She is a full member of the English Society of Technical Analysts, a member group of the International Federation of Technical Analysts. Regina is also a communicator. She has made many presentations on charting and technical analysis in Australia and overseas, and she has been a lecturer at the Securities Institute of Australia, at the University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education and for the Australian Stock Exchange.

She believes that a basic knowledge of technical analysis and charting can help any investor on the Australian Stock Exchange to better understand how the market moves and is likely to move in the future. It would be difficult to imagine anyone in Australia better qualified to write a book on charting.

What You Will Get from this course

Regina will help keep you ahead of the crowd. Regina Meani will share with participants the insights of her 30 years’ experience in the stock market as a chart and technical analyst for organizations like Deutsche Bank and Huntleys.

Regina’s technical skills are complemented by her ability to communicate, as evidenced by her regular columns in various major newspapers including the Sunday Age, Sun Herald Investor and AFR Smart Investor Magazine.

You will Discover :

1.  How the best charts are set up
Often the best way is not what see at first in your charting software.

2.  Thirteen Chart Patterns that tell you what a Stock is doing

In simple talk these signal that the Market is going Up or down or reversing a Trend.

3. Where you will find Support and Resistance

Regina calls these Gremlins from the Past and you'll be amazed at how they can help you decide where the market may have a problem.

4. How to predict a Share's Primary and Secondary Price Targets

Knowing this will stop you leaving money on the table. If the InterNet Investors of the late 1990s knew this technique they would still be Millionaires

Topics Covered:

1 Chart Construction
  * What type of Charts to use?
  * What is the best Chart style?
      - Candle Sticks, P&F
  * Where is Support & Resistance found?
2 Trend Analysis
  * Signs of Trend Continuation or termination
  * Is it a Bull or Bear Market?
  * Understand and Confirm Market direction
3 Elements of Support and Resistance
  * Discover why markets stop and turn at certain points 
  * Develop confidence in  action areas
  * How to Identify Tops & Bottoms

4 Discover Pattern Analysis for Investing and Trading
  * Are your shares showing signs of weakness or strength?
  * How to recognize and benefit from congestion
     or sideways patterns
  * What the shape of the market tells you
  * the power of pattern recognition and its impact on direction?

In addition you will be given key insights and discover Regina's Favourite Indicators

Unique to this Course will be "On the spot" analysis.
Where you will create your own analysis with the help of Australia's favourite chartist - your instructor Regina Meani.

IMPORTANT: this is a working seminar, you will be expected to participate throughout, from drawing trends to identifying
patterns.  Pencils and rulers provided. Secure you place Now>>

Share and CFD Program:

9.30am Registration

10am to 10.30am Session 1 Chart Construction

10.30 am Morning Tea

11.00am Session 2 Trend Analysis & Pattern Identification
12.30pm Meal Break

01.30pm Session 3 Pattern Identification Part 2

03.30pm Session 4 How to Identify Tops & Bottoms

04.00pm End of day

Location: Chatswood RSL Club Thomas St Chatswood

Book before 21 September and receive $1,100 worth of value"

1. Membership of Regina's Diamond Club for 12 Months

2. Two Trading Books Valued at  $100

   - Regina's Charting Book Value $30

   - Your choice of Bryce Gilmore' Geometry of Markets I (Value $89)

     or Larry Williams Long term Secrets to Short Term Trading Value $97


Your Investment for this seminar is normally $797 but right now you can save $100 and pay only $697 incl GST.

You will receive

* 180+ page Seminar Manual/Workbook with:
     - many ASX share examples
     - charts and materials.

* lunch morning and afternoon tea

Memorial Club
Thomas St
Chatswood NSW

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