Profit Hunters

With over 30 years experience, my analysis is based on both questions from members like you and my own observations, all designed to identify whether I would or not enter a trade/invest in a particular share or market at the current price level.

Then if it is a yes:

  • at what SPECIFIC PRICE would I buy/sell to enter a position and
  • also where my protective STOP LOSS price would be plus
  • my first expected PROFIT TARGET level.
  • from then on I help you manage the trade or investments

These are actual prices which I then share with YOU, a PHG member, for you to learn and compliment your analysis.

I find many Professional Advisers and Traders love what I do because it saves them the time and stress of running their own charts.

All they have to do is ask me and they get answer within minutes in the Live Speed Webinars and either instantly or within 2 hours on the PHG Membership Site.

I am told this service is way ahead what they have seen before.


Hi David, You are going great guns with your analysis – a market wizard to say the least.These are certainly difficult markets but observing the changes of trend so important. You gave Mr. Wasiliev great stuff for his column.
Well said!”

Dawn Bolton-Smith

June 15 2015