As you are all probably heard from me for the past 7 or 8 weeks I have taken a dim view of the Commodity Futures Gold.

In US trading on the 20th of November it confirmed my theories.

Granted we had a great run (PHGTrade) in Oceana Gold (OGC.asx) of 25% plus up from late October- but it was different to the other gold stocks.


Take the Gold Chart Below...

At my October 9 2013 address to the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) Annual Conference in San Francisco in I was saying that Gold needed to go lower.

It has and yet Janet Yellen has said .....


She will continue to man the pump primed by the prime pumper Ben Bernanke. Something is definitely not quite adding up in this state of affairs.

Last night on Sky Business Channel 602 I wanted to show you what I think is a leading indicator of monetary juicing! Sadly they could not put up the chart I wanted. So here it is


If only we had Lemon Juice futures - Lemon Meringue pies rock.

Anyway - PHG Members will get to hear what I think will happen with all of this monetary accommodation at my MAJOR ANNUAL 2014 SHARE MARKET FORECAST WEBINAR for 2014 on December 2nd 2013.

Please see below is the Chart of my forecast for the Dow for 2013 - I published that at the same Webinar last year.

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