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       international indices and commodities (futures)


futures exchange futures   cash
cac40 matif cacna   cacnz
crb   crbla   crblz
dax dtb daxoa   daxoz
dow ind - theoretical       djiez
dow ind - real   djrea   djrez
dow trans       djtez
dow utility       djuez
ftse 100 liffe ftsha   ftshz
hang seng hkfe hsgka   hsgkz
nasdaq comp       ndcnz
nasdaq 100   ndqna   ndqnz
nikkei simex nekja   nekjz
philadelphia gold & silver index       xaupz
s & p 100       sp1iz
s & p 500 cme day sp5ia   sp5iz
us$ index finex udiea    


aluminium comex aluca    
aluminium lme aluda   aludz
copper comex copca   copcz
copper lme copda   copdz
gold comex day gldca   gldcz
gold lme gldda   glddz
gold hkfe gldka   gldkz
lead lme leada   leadz
nickel lme nicda   nicdz
platinium nymex plaea   plaez
silver comex day silca   silcz
silver lme silda   sildz
tin lme tinda   tindb
zinc lme zinda   zindz

soft grains & oilseeds

cocoa csce cocfa   cocfz
coffee csce coffa   coffz
cotton #2 nyce cotma   cotmz
corn cbot crnla   crnlz
soy beans cbot day soyka    
sugar #11 world csce sugfa   sugfz
wheat cbot day whtla   whtlz
light crude nymex day ltcea   ltcez
unleaded gas nymex day     ungez

financials & currencies

euro dollar   euria   euriz
us t bills - 13 week cme 24h tblia    
us t bonds - 30 year cbot 24h tbnla    
us t bonds - 30 year cbot day tbnka    
us t notes - 10 year cbot 24h tytla   tytlz
bp in us$ cme 24h pndia   pndiz
aud$ in bp       pndaz
aud$ in dm       dmkaz
aud$ in jy       yenaz
aud$ in sf       swfaz
aud$ in us$
(see also ausaz in sfe list)
aud$ in us$ imm day ausaa    
cd$ in us$ cme 24h     caniz
dm in us$ cme 24h dmkia   dmkiz
jy in us$ cme 24h yenia   yeniz
sf in us$ cme 24h swfha   swfhz
us$ in bp       auspz
us$ in dm       ausdz
us$ in jy       ausyz
us$ in sf       aussz
euro fx 24h cme 24h eucia   euciz
euro in jy imm day eujya    

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