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One of Our Farest Flung Profit Hunter Group Members

- Julie in Astana Kazakhstan Croatia and Melbourne Australia

LNG ASX Shares


Eugene C Australia 15 May 2015


"Your SPI calls over the last week have been impressive David. I hope I can be as good at this as you are one day…"

Jason S.A. August 2nd 2011



"Good call on PRR by the way – about five minutes after you said it looked like it could fall to .29c they announced a Capital Raising at .28c" PC Brisbane QLD 25 May 2011


Emini S&P Futures


"Hi David,
Nice call on the ES last night high 1332 and low 1316. Spot on. Thank you. Much appreciated."

MarkW QLD 28/5/2011


" ADO.asx Short ST

Hey David,

Sorry to bug you about this. I banked 1/3 like you said and it broke 9.1c like you said. I got my SCO at 8c like you said but i don’t want to break even…like you said… so where should I exit?…like you said :) I’m really happy with this trade thanks mate!"

Chris R VIC 17/5/2011


" Remarkable and confident call on the 2 PHG FX trades ie AUSUSD & USDCAD- stopped out and your re enter strategy was well timed. Well done as it was a classic eg of a textbook strategy. I like it and like to know your rationale in adopting a very tight stop and re enter strategy – is this only adopted for FX trades and importantly what leg of the EW were they in ? Still live in USDCAD, long at 9520 n does stop 9500 and target 9800 still stands? Regards:)" Ray G NSW 12/5/2011



ASX Shares


Hi David . Thanks ! Just become a PHG member 4 days ago, What more can I say ? Your GREAT CALL to short silver yesterday and your GREAT GUIDANCE to play my favourite STB.ASX 2/3 days ago landed me in” big fat profits” . Praise and thank God for helping me to discover you – a genuine great guru . At first I thought not worth ( so expensive ) to join PHG as I guess I am already a good trader but with your guidance , I believe I will become a greater trader . Thanks for Nigel as well for his GREAT HELP . Thanks again . John Y NSW 12/5/2011



"Another very profitable week with PHG, particularly commodities. Many thanks." Dr Marc M March 20 2011



"We took David's advise and sold 3/4 of our portfolio (not that it's very large) before the 20thFeb..was wondering whether we should have bought yesterday..but didn' look forward with confidence, to David's future advice" Dina W March 17 2011


"I am glad I am part of Phg at a time like this in 2008 was on my own and out of control. This new website is so useful, I get so much out of it, thanks"
Ross M Brisbane March 15 2011


"Sold my SSCs today for a $2,500 profit which was pretty exciting.... Thanks for your continuing unique service, you have given me confidence to jump in again and I am truly appreciative." SB QLD 1 March 2011



"David, Thanks for the Economic Update Webinar , and answering my q's - about AUD/GPB - good call to make decision to move money across to buy goods - its taken a fall."

Rob 24 February 2011

"i was a nervous nellie when i bought at 31c but you have conditioned me to have a steel stomach! thanks for that david.

M.H. 25 February 2011

"Hi David,

bought ADO yesterday based on your comments and up 25% to 8.3 cents today, and as high as 8.9 take my profits and run or does have a bit more upside. move was based on a positive announcement by company"

M.Y. 25/2/2011


very enjoyable and from the looks of it very much on the money, looking forward to
future presentations."

John H 29 April 2010


"Thanks - am enjoying Profit Hunter Group immensely - you cope so well with it all"

Frances W 29 April 2010

"Thanks for your FX advise yesterday. I made $2k overnight on USDJPY."

A.H. Brisbane March 25 2009 PHG Member


"I first saw you on the Sky business channel approx January 2008. Since then

I have been fascinated with your amazing ability to predict the stock market

movements and have told many people about you. I am a semi retiree and first

time investor in the stock market which unfortunately caused me to loose

$300,000 last year. Had it not been for your implied suggestion to "sell"

(on the business channel in August 2008) my losses could have increased to

approx $700,000 and I would no longer have been a semi retiree. Thank you."


KH QLD August 6 2009

Author on CFDs and Trading Cat Davey




Let me just say that from now on I am going to follow your advice thoroughly.

Every time I stray away and listen to the crap that the Brokers on Foxtel come out with, I get burnt.

Looking forward to the next Webinar."

JV. June 17 2009

"I have attended forecasting 2009 webinar of Mr David Hunt on 20-01-2009 and greatly impressed by the methods used."

G India



I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help over the past
few months. Prior to August I had never owned a share and looking back in my first
few weeks of trading I think I made every mistake there was to make.


Taking your forecasting course was the best thing I could have done. I have a
greater understanding of the importance of protecting my capital. I have been able
to identify trends and get out of shares that were going completely nowhere and get
into the ones that made me money.


I still have a lot more to learn but so far what I have learnt has made me in excess
of ten times what I paid to do the course. I know for a fact that without your
course and all your assistance I would still be floundering around and losing money,
so in all sincerity, Thanks Mate!


I will be back, I don't think I can afford not to be."

Cheers and thanks again,
Dan M, QLD
19 January 2009


"since I have been joining your webinar series you have been very accurate and I find it very beneficial."
GP Perth WA 13 July 2009


On February 21st the Australian Financial Review had an article on David Hunt's Predictions of a Market Bottom which would rally into September 2009 with a target of 4800!

Click here to get the February 21-22 Article>>


Then on September 19 2009 with the XJO at 4740 the Australian Financial Review had an article on David Hunt's Predictions of a Market Top!


Click here to get the September 19-20 Article>>


Smart Investor Magazine says David Hunt

"correctly forecast the ASX S&P/200 Fall to 4800" Sept 2008 p 9


"I have been very impressed with David's predictions CB NSW 19 Oct 2008


Adest have been fairly big on education and have some free articles on their site. I have never done any of their courses, so can't vouch them. They have been around for quite a few years - have met David Hunt on occasions and he has always been extremely helpful. Used their data for a while and the service was good."


sails April 9th 2009 in Aussiestockforums


As a trader investor are you struggling with knowing what the Trend is?

Are you missing out on the big moves?

"David, I’ve cleared my portfolio on friday and took great profits!!!
thanks to you.

You make my decision making process so much clearer.

thanks thanks !!"

M.H. PHG Member 23/2/2011

Are you getting out only to see your shares jump higher?


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With the 'the Bell Ringer' David Hunt's Profit Hunter Group

As seen on the Business Channel, Financial Review Smart Investor Magazine

"Just thought I should let you know that in November I ended the month
up Net 140 points per contract on the SPI. A BIG Thank You."

Alan V North Sydney NSW 1 December 2010 Profit Hunter

"David your making me money, already one happy camper thanks very much  !!
On XJO and Gold'

Sally H QLD New PHG Member 1/12/10

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