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 X-ABCD routine & Swing Charts

Bryce Gilmore
Bryce's X-ABCD Routine for ESignal - [C] February 2007

How would you like to have the best analysis tool available  to automatically alert you at most market swing reversals?

Elliott Wave theory states that all waves of similar degree will relate in price amplitude at a change in trend. If this theory is correct then it should only be necessary to measure the price relationships in the past 4 waves of similar degree to get the proof.  My XABCD routine is designed to do exactly that.

There are endless X-ABCD configurations that can form in the market, some have been given names such as Gartley's, Butterflys, AB-CD's and so on.

The way my XABCD routine is configured it will highlight any geometry in any wave series that maybe important as they occur. It can also be used to apply a WHAT IF the market goes to a future level and it will highlight the geometry at that level.

The X-ABCD geometry has to work within tolerances of 2 ticks on the ES to mean anything so when the wave configurations are highlighted as potentially important the market will reverse at precise levels, if it doesn't it means that the current trend in progress will continue on. 

This allows you a means to quickly assess the market position and adjust your trading plan. When you learn to use market geometry in conjunction with other sensible tools you will be able to make precise entries with very close stop losses. 

This routine can be used in all time frames and it is an invaluable tool during the trading day when you have to keep ahead of the smaller market moves to anticipate the upcoming SUPPORT and RESISTANCE levels.

All an Intraday trader needs to know each day is where the high or low for the day will occur and also where any corrections to the longer term trend will terminate. As each day passes you will just keep adjusting your trading plan to the current market activity.

Believe me when I say that this routine is the most powerful you will ever witness and if you use it in conjunction with my Trading to WIN course and TTW room you can't help however understand where the important pressure points in the market are. If you want to see some testimonials from users look in this link.

I will show you a couple of examples of recent Intra-day reversal points:





Bryce's X-ABCD allows you to calculate in advance all the things I have mentioned as important in my TTW Course [C] 2004


  • X-ABCD Swings automatically
     highlight important geometry
  • Gann Swings
  • Balance Points
  • Retracement Levels,
  • Alternate Wave Projections,
  • Reverse Cross Projections
  • WHAT IF?
    the market were to trade at this level ?



This chart above has been on my web site for about two weeks - Guess what happened today?


Bryce's X-ABCD

The X-ABCD is available as a stand alone purchase. Don't make the mistake that many do and say to yourself, this looks to difficult to understand. It is not difficult and if you don't try and still attempt to trade using inferior tools you will eventually pay a much higher price. 

ESignal - Bryce's X-ABCD system is suitable for all E-Signal supplied data including US Stocks, World Futures contracts etc.

 - Price: A$ 3,500 Australian residents add 10% GST

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