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BRISBANE: Train The Chartist: 22nd August 2015

  • Membership:  Profit Hunters Group  Join David Hunts’ Profit Hunters Group, a dedicated members group for active Traders and Professional Brokers, Advisors, Fund Managers and Financial Planners. More>>
  •  Free Video:  Trading GOLD Shares  Watch this video recording and get an in depth run down on Gold Cycles & the positions of ASX Gold Shares on the Australian Stock Exchange.  Yours free. Click Here>>  

Are You Worried About Being Caught In A Stock Market Crash?

I get asked quite often, “what do you do David”?  And last week I received a nice phone call from a subscriber to my Australian Shares Report Greg Mills where he said to me…

“David, most advisors tell you to keep buying, but you are different.  When it is dangerous you keep us out of the market and that means we keep our money in our pockets.  I think your service is really valuable. Much more valuable than even you think David.  Keep doing what you do because it feels good watching the market fall when you are out.”

Now I really thought about this and it is true.  My principle is…  Why be exposed to shares that are falling and markets that are falling?  Why not wait until the time is right?  If you can buy more shares as the market falls with the money that you have kept then I think we are all better off.

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Learn charting and technical trading analysis techniques from Australia’s Top Market Timer.
Ask questions about shares you own or are interested in.  Get hot tips, timing and trades and learn the trading secrets of Australia’s Top Market Timer, Master Chartist, David Hunt, rated one of the Top 4 Stock Market Chartists in the Industry by Dawn Bolton-Smith in ‘Your Trading Edge Magazine’.
Get ‘Up Close and Personal’ and gain an insight into what has been described as his “Brilliant Trading Mind”
Attend a “Train The Chartist” Seminar in a capital city near you soon.

David Hunt ‘Advisor to the Advisors’ and who master trader Larry Williams calls a ‘Walking Encyclopaedia of Trading Knowledge’ guides you through a full day of personal training and teaches how you can use charting to help you trade Australian ASX Shares & Commodities and Forex more successfully.

Are you struggling to manage your own Super Fund?

Are you getting what you want out of your shares and investments?

Do you want to improve your trading skills, knowledge and performance?

Do you need advice, training, guidance and a helping hand from a qualified expert?

Weather you are trading shares in the stock market for the first time, a Self-Managed Super Fund Owner, Investor, Active Trader, Broker or a Professional Advisor, Fund Manager or Financial Planner, “Train The Chartist” has something for everyone.


  • Learn which patterns to watch out for, good and bad.
  • Learn how to get a feel for when things can be ‘Too Good to be True’.
  • Learn how you can stop risking capital for income.
  • Learn Charting and Technical Analysis.
  • Learn how to protect yourslef in a Stock Market Crash.
  • Learn when to trust your stock broker and when not to.
  • PLUS… Much, much more…


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“Hi David,

I hope you are well & the surf has been good to you.

On another note, I  have been meaning to email ever since I got home from the Gold Coast trip, to say thank you ever so much to the both of you for such a great event! I really enjoyed the whole “journey”. To quote George’s words in the lift at the end of the night, “That was worth a million dollars”.  What a lovely character he was. You certainly have a gift in more things than you realise, but more than that is your willingness to share your knowledge with others so unselfishly.  I certainly am very grateful for having the opportunity to meet you.
Thank you to the one and only David Hunt! 
Take care.”

Townsville Qld

June 2015

Hi David
Firstly thank you for Saturday’s seminar at UWA (PERTH).
As you are aware I took up the Silver membership.
All sorted login etc, I have watch and understood video’s and webinars.
All A Ok.
And in particular FMG which I had jumped in a little early at $1.91, this has now paid for my membership plus!!
Thank you, I owe you lunch at least.
Allan B
April 22 2015

Here’s The FMG Call I Made At “Train The Chartist” Perth…


Look What Happened..








And Just To Complete The Story…


From A Profit Hunters Group (PHG) Member…
I would also like to thank you again for your PHG services.
I continue to value your time and effort in guiding me as a Silver member.
I particularly enjoy your Elliot Wave Training webinars.
I’m now getting better at understanding the preceding wave type and where it might lead to.
You have also taught me to be more decisive and separate emotion from decisions and just move on from one good or not so good trade to the next.
Keep up the great work.
Thank You
David S
April 21 2015

Updated:  Another Perth Attendee Writes On Further Fortescue and Profit Hunters Group Trades…

We had another PHG Trade buy signal in FMG at $2.08 on May 21










There are no current Train The Chartist Seminar Scheduled At This Time.

Stay Tuned For Upcoming Seminar Notifications.


Master Chartist David Hunt:

Market Strategist, Advisor, Teacher, Author of ‘The Australian Shares Report” and Australia’s Top Market Timer, (who the ‘Financial Review’ called “The Bell Ringer”) helps investors, traders, self-managaged super fund owners, brokers, advisors and professional fund managers thrive and prosper in both rising and falling markets.

David regularly makes very public calls as much as six months or more in advance, and calls the market the way he sees it, without favour, fear or bias.









You CAN Learn To Trade Like The Professionals

  • Level 1     Curious
    You want to find out what the Stock Market is all about, how it works and how to get started trading shares.  It’s all a mystery to you!
  • Level 2     Beginner
    You’ve recently started trading in the Stock Market, ASX and or World Equities and you are developing and learning new trading skills.
  • Level 3     SMSF Self-Managed Super Fund Managers and Investors  
    You have been investing and trading in The Stock Market, ASX, World Equities, Futures, Commodities and Foreign Exchange for some time and want to improve your knowledge, trading skills and strategies.

  • Level 4   Traders and Professional Advisors, Brokers, Fund Managers and Financial Planners
    You are an active Trader or Investor and or a Professional Advisor, Broker, Fund Manager or Finalcial Planner who trades and or manages shares in The Stock Market, ASX, CFDS, World Equities, Futures, Commodities or Foreign Exchange.  You either want or need fast access to reliable, up to date information, analysis and forecasts on the spot as the market unfolds.

David Hunt – Helping You In The Markets

My mission is to help you in the markets at what ever level of trading you are at.

If you need advice, training, education and or support from a recognized expert who is fully liscensed, registered, qualified, experienced, independent, unbiased, industry-proven and trusted, then contact me today to see how I can help you and decide for yourself what feels right for you.  Contact Me Here>>

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