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David Hunt Chartist

Market Strategist, Advisor, and Teacher is Australia’s top market timer, who the Financial Review called “The Bellringer.” David Hunt helps investors, traders, super fund managers and their advisers thrive and prosper in both rising and falling markets. He regularly makes very public calls six months or more in advance.

During the 2007-2009 global financial crisis, he called the major tops and bottoms as the market halved in value and then went on to double.  These calls were published in the Financial Review, on his website and also broadcast on Sky Business.

On October 2011 the stock market was plunging & even  the irrepressible bull Peter Switzer was bearish & depressed when he and David Hunt spoke. David said to Peter in the green room “don’t worry the low is likely to be it tonight”. In our Videos section you can watch the YMYC show that night where David was busting out bullish! That very night the Dow and S&P had its major final low and took off. On July 19 2012 David reiterated on Switzer the big bull run was just starting and running for a few years. See this on the YouTube Channel.

Many Advisors & stockbrokers say the market is going up all of the time, David Hunt is not stuck on one direction he is powerful in both bull and bear markets.  That is why other professional advisors pay him to help them advise others. He is known by Australian Men’s Living Magazine as “the Adviser to the Advisers”

Since 2007, David Hunt’s forecasts in the Financial Press and Television have surprised many.  In the words of the Australian Financial Review‘s John Wasiliev David Hunt’s forecasts have been very good”.

The experience Mr Hunt bases his expertise on is impressive. Over 30 years stock market investing and trading and 26 years trading and investing in currencies, ASX shares, commodities, interest rates, bonds, U.S. stocks, and futures.
 He has traded for fund managers, investment banks, large corporations, and on his own account. His specialties are Market analysis, Charting, Elliott Wave trading, market timing, market forecasting, and ASX stock market advice.


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“A Walking Encyclopedia Of Trading Knowledge” ~ Larry Williams – Master Trader and Author

“The Advisor To The Advisors” ~ Australian Mens Living Magazine

“The Bell Ringer” ~ The Australian Financial Review

“Guru” ~Profit Hunters Group Members

“Big Call Merchant” ~ Foxtel Business News

 in his role as Chief Strategist of the ProfitHunters (PHG) a group where he holds the hands of Traders, Advisors and investors as they buy hold and sell in the Australian Stock Market  more>>



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Feb 27, 2014
On the weekend one of my Traders Green Room Coaching students drove 6 hours for a 3 hour consultation with me on Sunday.
In it he talked about LNG.asx and the free webinar I did in September which explained why LNG.asx was a sell or a take profit for investors and where it could go to.
What he said reminded me of what a Profit Hunter Group Member Mr B had said in a post to me.
So he sent me an email - outlining his trade and his 85 year old Dad's investment in LNG.asx.
Have at look at it  below and let me know if you think it might be wort your while spending an hour and half ie 90 minutes tomorrow night at 9pm AEST in another free Chartist Training webinar.
I love getting these emails.
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