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Are You Worried About Being Caught In A Stock Market Crash?

I get asked quite often, “What do you do David”?

And last week I received a nice phone call from a subscriber to my Australian Shares Report Greg Mills where he said to me…

“David, most advisors tell you to keep buying, but you are different.

When it is dangerous you keep us out of the market and that means we keep our money in our pockets.

I think your service is really valuable. Much more valuable than even you think David.

Keep doing what you do because it feels good watching the market fall when you are out.”

Now I really thought about this and it is true.

My principle is… Why be exposed to shares that are falling and markets that are falling?

Why not wait until the time is right?

If you can buy more shares as the market falls with the money that you have kept then I think we are all better off.

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David Hunt – Helping You In The Markets

My mission is to help you in the markets at what ever level of trading you are at.

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Advanced? Maybe you are and experienced or active Trader, Investor or Professional Advisor, Broker, Fund Manager or Finalcial Planner who trades and or manages shares in The Stock Market, ASX, CFDS, World Equities, Futures, Commodities or Foreign Exchange. You either want or need fast access to reliable, up to date information, analysis and forecasts on the spot as the market unfolds.

Whatever level of trading you are at, if you need advice, training, education and or support from an industry-proven and trusted expert who is a fully liscensed, registered, qualified, experienced, completely independent, and unbiased Professional Stock Market Advisor and Analyst, then contact me today to see how I can help you and decide for yourself what feels right for you.

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ASR Main Graphic WARNING: This is an automatic computer generated transcript. The computer makes some mistakes in its translation and therefore this is NOT 100% accurate. Use as a Quick Reference Guide Only and double check your understanding against your own analysis. Consult your broker or financial adviser before making any investment or trading decisions.   We have been sitting short in the Profit Hunter Group World Indices area the NASDAQ and the S&P for a while. The NASDAQ has been the weakest and then the S&P. The Dow Jones industrial average has not given any signals of weakness and both the S&P and the Dow are now sitting on old tops. The cycle that we have right now is negative for the next couple of weeks and so if the Dow breaks, the whole psyche of the markets will change to the downside for a couple of weeks at least. Overnight in the share price index futures we put on a short which was stopped out right at the top of the market before it went down. The US market was looking bad and then they have maybe sold the US market and hedged it using the spy.  I don't know how that works but I think that the Australian index is in some trouble. So I'm putting the bear firmly back in the chair at the moment. More information

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